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KaffeinePart Class Reference

#include <kaffeine_part.h>

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Detailed Description

Kaffeine Part - xine based player part
J├╝rgen Kofler <kaffeine@gmx.net>

Definition at line 60 of file kaffeine_part.h.

Public Slots

void getTimeShiftFilename (QString filename)
bool openURL (const KURL &url)
bool openURL (const MRL &mrl)
void requestForOSD (QString text, int duration, int priority)
void setDvbCurrentNext (QStringList list)
void slotDvbOpen (QString filename, QString chanName, int haveVideo)
void slotMute ()
void slotPlay (bool forcePlay=false)
void slotPrepareForFullscreen (bool)
void slotSetPosition (uint)
void slotSetVolume (uint)
void slotStop ()
void slotTogglePause (bool pauseLive=true)
void slotVolumeDown ()
void slotVolumeUp ()


void playerPause ()
void signalNewFrameSize (const QSize &frame)
void signalNewMeta ()
void signalPlaybackFailed ()
void signalTrackFinished ()
void stopDvb ()

Public Member Functions

void aspectRatio4_3 ()
void aspectRatioAnamorphic ()
void aspectRatioAuto ()
void aspectRatioDVB ()
void aspectRatioSquare ()
void audiocdMRLS (MRL::List &mrls, bool &ok, bool &supported, const QString &device)
bool closeURL ()
void dvdMenuDown ()
void dvdMenuLeft ()
void dvdMenuRight ()
void dvdMenuSelect ()
void dvdMenuUp ()
void dvdMRLS (MRL::List &mrls, bool &ok, bool &supported, const QString &device)
void * engine ()
int getBrightness ()
int getContrast ()
bool hasChapters ()
bool hasVideo ()
bool isPaused ()
bool isPlaying ()
 KaffeinePart (QWidget *, const char *, QObject *, const char *, const QStringList &)
const MRL & mrl () const
void playNextChapter ()
void playPreviousChapter ()
uint position () const
void setBrightness (int b)
void setContrast (int c)
QString supportedExtensions ()
void vcdMRLS (MRL::List &mrls, bool &ok, bool &supported, const QString &device)
uint volume () const
void zoomIn ()
void zoomOff ()
void zoomOut ()

Static Public Member Functions

static KAboutData * createAboutData ()

Public Attributes

QString TimeShiftFilename

Protected Member Functions

bool openFile ()

Protected Attributes

MRL m_mrl

Private Slots

void slotBroadcastReceive ()
void slotButtonTimerPressed ()
void slotButtonTimerReleased ()
void slotChannelInfo (const QStringList &, const QStringList &, int, int)
void slotCheckMoved ()
void slotConfigXine ()
void slotContextMenu (const QPoint &)
void slotCopyToClipboard ()
void slotDeinterlaceQuality ()
void slotDisableAllActions ()
void slotEnableAllActions ()
void slotEnablePlayActions ()
void slotEqualizer ()
void slotError (const QString &)
void slotFastForward ()
void slotFilterDialog ()
void slotFinalize ()
void slotInfo ()
void slotJumpToPosition ()
void slotLaunchDelayed ()
void slotLaunchExternally ()
void slotMessage (const QString &)
void slotNewFrameSize ()
void slotNewLength ()
void slotNewPosition (int, const QTime &)
void slotNewTitle ()
void slotNext ()
void slotPictureSettings ()
void slotPlaybackFinished ()
void slotPrevious ()
void slotSaveStream ()
void slotScreenshot ()
void slotSetAudioChannel (int)
void slotSetSubtitle (int)
void slotSlowMotion ()
void slotStatus (const QString &)
void slotToggleBroadcastSend ()
void slotToggleOsdTimer ()
void slotTrackPlaying ()
void slotVolumeChanged (int)

Private Member Functions

void initActions ()
void initConnections ()
void loadConfig ()
void saveConfig ()

Private Attributes

KSelectAction * m_audioChannels
KSelectAction * m_audioVisual
bool m_autoStart
QString m_broadcastAddress
uint m_broadcastPort
KToggleAction * m_broadcastSend
uint m_current
KToggleAction * m_deinterlaceEnabled
QWidget * m_deinterlacerConfigWidget
KPopupMenu * m_embeddedContext
QString m_hrefParam
bool m_imageWindow
bool m_isOsdTimer
uint m_lastDeinterlaceQuality
QString m_lastDeinterlacerConfig
QPoint m_oldPosition
QTimer m_osdTimerEnabler
KToggleAction * m_pauseButton
VideoSettings * m_pictureSettings
MRL::List m_playlist
QPushButton * m_playTime
QTimer m_posCheckTimer
PositionSlider * m_position
KSelectAction * m_subtitles
int m_timerDirection
QSlider * m_volume
KXineWidget * m_xine

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